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The Alaska Oregon Washington State Area Conference (AOWSAC) of the NAACP is dedicated to improving the political, educational, social and economic status of all persons, eliminating racial prejudice, and keeping the public aware of the adverse effects of discrimination at the state level.

We have 13 local unit Branches and multiple youth councils, high school councils and prison Branches throughout Alaska, Oregon and Washington committed to addressing issues of discrimination and inequality affecting members in our communities and at the state level.

With this site, our goal is to provide you with information on local Branch events, and links to current news stories featuring AOWSAC’s advocacy efforts.

With the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the need is greater than ever for the NAACP to continue our voting rights advocacy and registration program.

Branches in the News:

Washington’s prisons may have hit pivotal moment as they eye deep cut in their population
The Seattle Times
This is not the first time DOC, facing a grim budget, has proposed reducing the prison population, and DOC Secretary Stephen Sinclair said the agency has been on the path to reform for the last few years..."What used to be an adversary is now an ally," said Gerald Hankerson, president of the NAACP's Alaska-Oregon-Washington State Conference, who has had several conversations with Sinclair over the last month.

National NAACP Victory Alert!!!
Judge strikes down DeVos plan to boost pandemic relief for private schools

The judge sided with the NAACP, which had brought the legal challenge against DeVos' policy, criticizing it as a ploy to divert emergency aid away from the needy public schools toward more affluent private-school students.

President's attacks on USPS, vote-by mail are an assault on democracy
Alaska Daily News
OpEd by Anchorage President Kevin McGee

Seattle communities react to Kalama Harris historic VP nomination
Sheley Anderson, the regional vice president of the NAACP, said this moment is monumental - paving the way for young women, minorities, and immigrants to have a seat at the decision-making table. "Whether you are looking at national politics or you're looking right here in the state of Washington, Black women are not leading when it comes to politics," said Anderson. "So, for Kamala Harris to just become a candidate, on a vice president ticket, that is just opening the door of what we've been fighting for, for so long."

Portland NAACP President on Protests as a White Spectacle
Pastor E.D. Mondaine is the President of the Portland NAACP, and he wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post this week headlined, "Portland's Protests were Supposed to be about Black Lives. Now They're White Spectacle."

Tacoma’s ‘Can’t breathe’ case: Manuel Ellis’ family demands answers after he was killed while being restrained by police
Seattle Times
Gerald Hankerson, president of the NAACP's Alaska-Oregon-Washington State Conference, said he's tired of "flashy words" from politicians and demanded change. "A man was killed here at the hands of law enforcement, the people that you pay with your tax dollars," Hankerson said. "How did you not know? A man died in your custody."

Photo Credit: The Seattle Times 5.30.20
Vice President Sheley Anderson speaking at Saturday's march and rally in Downtown Seattle
Photo Credit: The Seattle Times

Police Brutality, Covid-19 and Climate Change
Op-Ed by Eugene Springfield Branch

National NAACP Formally Removes Former Seattle King County President From Office, Imposes Five Year Suspension Of Membership
Seattle Medium
On April 21, 2020, The NAACP National Board of Directors effectively removed former Seattle King County NAACP President Sadiqa Sakin from the local Branch as both an officer and as a member. According to a press release, the NAACP after a thorough investigation and hearings held by the NAACP’s national office and committees, the National Board of Directors determined that some of Sakin’s alleged actions as president of the branch were “detrimental” to the NAACP.


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