Alaska Oregon Washington State-Area Conference

Power of 5 GOTV Challenge

NAACP, the nation’s foremost civil rights organization, is organizing our members, supporters and personal networks to mobilize our base ahead of the 2020 elections.
Washington and Alaska primaries are August 4th.
Presidential and general elections are November 3rd.

“Our lives are on the ballot this year, so it is absolutely crucial that all people of color as a whole participate in national, state, and local elections at rates that reflect our true voting power. We are urging everyone to use their power to register and mobilize new voters and get involved in one of the most important elections in our nation’s history.”
-Gerald Hankerson, President NAACP Alaska Oregon Washington State Area Conference

"The most important player in this year's election is the individual,"
- Attorney Sheley Anderson, NAACP Alaska Oregon Washington State Area Conference Civic Engagement Chair

The NAACP of Alaska, Oregon, and Washington is an all-volunteer organization. Support the costs of this program with your donation.

The increase of brutal #livingwhileblack incidents, the continuous stream of hateful rhetoric, disrespect and racist policies coming from the White House, all point to the notion that Black lives, civil rights and the issues of communities of color matter less and less to the President and elected officials in our nation. The NAACP Alaska Oregon Washington State Area Conference recognizes this threat and is engaging voters to change the nation. At the very core of the campaign is a radical voter registration and mobilization tactic utilizing social media platforms and personal networks.

The NAACP Alaska Oregon Washington State Area Conference voter mobilization efforts includes the activation of its branches across the region. It will engage faith partners, community leaders and other social justice organizations.

“This campaign is about the power of our personal networks to mobilize voters and to ensure that no elected officials can feel comfortable in disrespecting our communities or taking our votes for granted,” added Anderson. For more information, contact Sheley Anderson: or (253) 468-1247.

More Information on how to register or update your voter information: